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Actions To Take When Faced With Refrigerator Breakdown

No homeowner wants to face that situation. That is a time when it becomes necessary to keep two things as low as possible. One of them is the temperature of the food in the malfunctioning fridge; the other one is your desire to display keyed-up nerves.

You can start to relax by slowly eliminating the possible reasons for the fridge’s untimely breakdown. Before you do anything else, check on the condition of your home’s power supply. See if all the other appliances are working.

Next turn your attention to the refrigerator’s plug. Does it appear to be in good condition? If that question demands a “yes” answer, you must carry out a test on the outlet that had been holding the refrigerator’s plug.

How to test the outlet

Get hold of a small, electrically-powered device, such as a blender. Plug it into the outlet that needs to be tested. See if it works. If it does, then you have eliminated 3 possibilities. You can move on to the next of the quick evaluations.

Run a quick check by opening the appliance’s door and noting whether or not the light has gone on. If it has, you have produced evidence of your need for assistance from a professional. Contact an appliance repair technician in Waterloo and then make use of the time that you will spend waiting for that same technician.

Actions to take while you wait

Be sure that the door to the refrigerator has been closed tightly. Make certain that it stays that way. If the cold air cannot get out, the food will keep until the technician has managed to deal with the problem.

Do your best to prevent further complications. Anticipate the dripping of water from the unplugged appliance. Collect towels and place them on the floor in the vicinity of the refrigerator.

Jot down the tests run and the items examined, so that you can share that information with the repair technician. Have another piece of paper ready, so that you can write down any suggestions given by that same tech.

Follow up to what you have viewed as an emergency

Do your best to prevent another breakdown. Invest time and effort in maintenance of your family’s fridge. Make sure to schedule time for cleaning the cooling coils. Pay attention to the strength of the seal on the fridge’s door. You might even want to test that same seal.

You can do that by using a dollar bill. Open the door and place the bill over the gasket. Then close the door and see if you can pull that greenback out of the closed door. If it slips out, then you know that you need new door-sealing materials.

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