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Which Is Better- Freezer Ice Makers Or Portable Ice Makers?

In today’s society, a lot of people consider ice cube trays to be a thing of the person and instead turn to the ice maker built into their fridge as their main source of ice. However, there is also another option that most don’t even consider: portable ice makers. However, as with all things, there are arguments for both sides. Thus, to make your decision easier, we have compiled a small guide that lists of the arguments and additional information necessary for you to make the right call regarding what you will need to satisfy your individual ice needs.

Pros and Cons of Freezer Ice Makers

As part of your refrigerator, these ice makers have a near constant supply of ice at the ready at all times. They don’t require an additional purchase and they do their jobs without you having to tell them to do it.However, they’re also only available as a combo with certain fridges with freezer unit which makes them impractical, if not fully inaccessible, to many people with limited kitchen space. For people in that situation, the freezer ice maker may not be the right way to go.

Convenience of a Portable Ice Maker

With efficiency and space-consciousness, a small portable ice maker can still produce up to thirty pounds of ice a day. You can move them around or take them to the neighbor’s barbecue with ease, which makes them perfect for enthusiasts of the outdoors.This is also the perfect option for people with a small kitchen who would otherwise have to rely on the very limited supply an ice tray can give them.

How About Both?

It doesn’t always have to be a matter of either-or, sometimes the right answer simply is: both. If your time tends to be equally divided between going out and staying at home, you may find that having both the freezer ice maker and portable ice maker is the way to go.

It is to be considered that you may have times where you have to entertain a lot of guests in the summer where everyone urges for a cold drink. In this case, using both appliances simultaneously may be the only way to acquire the necessary amount of ice since both have a limited capacity.No matter the reason, having your freezer ice maker at home and a portable option to take along with you on the road is the one true way of knowing that you’ll never run out of ice. And when there is any issue with any of the freezers, it is essential not to try DIY but call in the appliance repair service in Waterloo.

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