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Is DIY Oven Repair Easy Or Should I Call A Professional?

Repairing your own oven can give you a sense of accomplishment. It’s easier than you might think. An electric oven can benefit from these tips if you do it yourself. If you have recently had a power outage and if your oven does not come back on it could be your ovens fuse, a burned out element or the stoves breaker has tripped. If this is so it is an easy fix. If any of these seem to be the issue make sure you turn off the stoves power source, (unplug it).

Older stoves have fuses inside. You can locate the fuse, usually behind the oven, check your fuses and replace any that may have burned out. Some ovens come with a reset button and all you may have to do is push that button. Plug your stove back in to see if those things may have fixed the problem. If it doesn’t then you need expert services.

If your oven is not heating properly but does have power, check the element. If your element is not glowing all the way around, then it is not heating properly. You might see damaged or melted spots. Be sure to cut all power sources off so you can replace the element. To do this, unscrew the bracket holding the element in place at the back of the oven and remove the wires. If you have the right replacement element you can place it back into the oven in the opposite way you removed it. If it happens to be the oven’s thermostat that is giving you trouble a repairman should be called to fix this issue.If your oven is a gas type oven, these tips might be able to help you out.

Make sure the gas is turned off to your oven. Without the gas the pilot light should be off. To be sure try lighting the oven and if it does not ignite, you have successfully turned off the gas. It is now safe to work on your gas oven.

You must now gain access to the burner under the oven. When you have accessed the burner clean out all of the tiny holes. The tiny particles in these holes will cause your oven to heat poorly. A small brush and warm soapy water will clean the burner. The grime build up should be cleaned off and a paper clip can clear the tiny holes. And if you still find that the stove or oven is having issues, call in the appliance repair professionals in Waterloo and they will do the needful.

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