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How To Maintain Your Dryer

A homeowner that wants to have a well-maintained dryer should arrange for performance of four procedures. Three of those can be done by the person that is using that clothes-drying appliance. Of those three, only two need to be carried out each time that the dryer’s capabilities will be utilized.

The two routines that should be repeated for each load

Clean the lint screen before doing any load. As lint accumulates on that screen, the appliance will work harder. As it works harder, the level at which it manages to function declines. As that level declines, each garment in the dryer’s rotating drum dries more slowly. That is why the lint screen should be cleaned before any items get placed in the appliance’s drum.

Make certain that each item that goes in the dryer is clean. Do not throw any wet garment or any wet towel into the dryer’s drum, unless it has been in the washer. In other words, all towels, even the wet ones should go into the washer first, and then those same items can go in the dryer.

The routine that should be repeated according to an established schedule

That schedule should be set by someone that dries loads repeatedly. That same schedule should reflect the frequency with which garments get thrown into the clothes-drying appliance. If it gets done daily, then the scheduling of this one routine ought to make note of that fact. It should call for performance of that particular job at least once a week.

This job removes any soap residue that might have formed on the surfaces touched by the tossed garments. It consists of nothing more than what would best be described as a wipe down operation. The parts that are located outside of the appliance’s drum-like compartment have to be wiped free of any soap residue. It helps to focus on the door and the rims of the hole that gets covered by that same door.

The routine that should be carried out two times per year

This is the operation that guarantees the existence of a clean vent. Lint and other materials must be removed from the vent by an appliance repair service in Waterloo. In that way, air can keep flowing through the vent’s narrow passageway. The absence of such a flow will do away with the appliance’s ability to function properly.

Some of its functionality will remain. For example, it will still be able to toss items. Yet it will not demonstrate the ability to encourage a drying of those same tossed items. So, any homeowner that does not want to have damp garments at the end of a cycle needs to clean the vent at least twice a year.

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