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What You Should Know If You Intend To Repair Your Home’s Garbage Disposal?

Despite the seeming complex nature of a garbage disposal, that same appliance can have some problems that are easy to fix. A trained troubleshooter has learned to recognize such problems and to deal with them.

Problems That Should Have Readily-Available Solution

What should you do if the unit does not turn on? In this case, you must first press the reset button. That might get the unit working. If it does not, you will have to check the fuse box, so that you can be sure that your in-sink appliance has been receiving electrical power.

If you find that it has been the recipient of electrical power, but it has failed to respond to that power, then you must make an admission. You will have to admit that you have reached the limits of your troubleshooting skills. You must contact an appliance repair professional in Waterloo and have him or her diagnose the exact nature of the problem.

What do you do if the disposal is stuck? In other words, what action should you take if the motor runs, but the blades are not grinding the bits of food? In this situation, you must unplug the disposal. Turn off the circuit breaker as well. Put a broom handle into the drain and use it to turn the blades.

Sometimes a disposal gets stuck because someone has accidentally thrown a large object (not food) down the drain. When that happens, you must get hold of a wrench. You need to unbolt the unit under the kitchen sink. Once it has been unbolted, you should be able to retrieve the item that got into the drain by mistake.

What do you do if the disposal does not let water drain out of the sink? That would indicate that you have put too many items in the disposal’s entrance. Put a sink plunger in the opening to the non-working drain. Use your arms to move the plunger up and down; that should help to eliminate the problem. If you do not have a plunger, find something that you can use, in order to create some suction. Use your improvised plunger to pull the water towards you and then force it away from you. This approach might take longer, but it will work.

How to limit the appearance of problems

You can avoid a problem by being careful about what sorts of things get into the sink’s drain. Even some food can encourage creation of unexpected difficulties. For example, it is best to keep tea leaves and rice out of the home’s garbage disposal. Fibrous foods can also slow the blades’ performance. Some of the strings from vegetables can wrap around those same blades.

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